Poké, Boba, and Beyond: Our Eclectic Pan-Asian Menu Offers Something For Everyone


One of the greatest parts of owning a Tin Drum Asian food franchise is that the menu never stops evolving. From the fan favorites that have been available since our first restaurant opened its doors on the Georgia Tech campus in 2003, to the exciting new offerings, including poké, that are inspiring legions of Tin Drum diners to fall in love with us this year, we never stop innovating and adding to a menu comprised of what we lovingly call “Asia’s Greatest Hits.”

Read on to learn more about how Tin Drum Asian Kitchen keeps its menu fresh, exciting, and true to its roots with bold flavors, wide variety, and endlessly customizable dishes.

Hello, Poké!

One of the most exciting new additions to our Asian food franchise menu for 2022 is the incorporation of poké. This popular Hawaiian staple that combines marinated raw seafood with chunks of veggies drizzled with savory umami sauce has garnered a fervent following among foodies throughout the country for its excellent taste and nutritional advantages. Tin Drum joined the trend with two fresh protein-packed dishes made with fresh, healthful flavors and condiments that can be served hot or sweet. 

“With today’s consumers leaning toward foods that correspond with a healthy lifestyle, it’s no wonder that the poké movement has taken control over the dining scene for a period of time now,” said Tin Drum kitchen creator Steven Chan. “With our newest poké bowl options, customers may taste the ingredients of Hawaiian people’s culture through a twist of our unique Asian flair, thanks to our friendly ambiance and constant menu innovation.”


“The Sun Shines Equally on Everyone”

While Tin Drum is recognized for giving its Asian fusion meals its own exciting personal touch, the restaurant has never wavered in its dedication to embracing the numerous Asian cultures that drive its menu innovation. Tin Drum’s Thai Tea, a traditional Southeast Asian staple, represents the restaurant’s goal in providing visitors with the most genuine experience possible. As our namesake, the Tin Drummer, says in the legend, “The sun shines equally on everyone.” Our eclectic pan-Asian menu is a tribute to the people and traditions across the Asian continent. 

The Tin Drum experience is reminiscent of the vibrant Hong Kong street café scene, with a bustling atmosphere and emphasis on bold flavors and exquisite taste. Each dish is prepared fresh to order utilizing fresh basic condiments. The restaurant’s menu comprises food influenced by the civilizations of India, Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea and is a dynamic combination of classic Asian dishes with robust spices.

Serving delicious cuisine from all over Asia is a large part of our identity. We strive to give our customers a truly unique fast-casual dining experience they’ll want to repeat again and again.

What’s On the Menu?

Each of our Asian food franchise locations is serving up some serious deliciousness with a bold, flavorful kick. Take a look at our most celebrated items here. Caution: intense mouthwatering may occur. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Spicy Volcano

Inspired by Tin Drum’s renowned Hawaiian bowl, the Spicy Volcano is created with white or brown rice and topped with fresh Ahi tuna, crisp romaine, edamame, corn, seaweed salad, cilantro, pickled ginger, masago, and sesame seeds, all drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce for an added kick. With new poke menu offerings, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen taps on a hot foodie trend.  

Dragon Mango  

The Mango Dragon is a sweeter option that balances out the fiery counterpart. It’s cooked with white or brown rice and topped with Ahi tuna and fresh mango. Crisp romaine, edamame, pickled cucumber, jalapeos, pickled ginger, scallions, masago, and sesame seeds are the additional toppings drizzled with a sweet chili dressing.

Bubble Tea

Also known as Boba, Tin Drum’s bubble tea is a chill, frothy beverage created with a tea base with flavors, milk, and sweeteners, as well as tapioca pearls at the bottom. The use of a fat straw is required. It all begins with a foundation of tea, which we make with our loose leaf teas. Then we add sweeteners and flavorings. A creamy component, such as milk, or non-dairy creamers, is added to a Milk Tea. Clear Teas are like that: clear teas with no cream added.  

When all of the components are combined, the cocktail is vigorously shaken! This makes the drink frothy, giving it the appearance of bubbles on top. – thus the name bubble tea. The little chewy tapioca pearls, aka boba, give a chewy contrast to the sweetness and texture of bubble tea. We put a heavy scoop at the bottom of each cup, providing a chewy contrast to the sweetness and texture of the drink. Strawberry, taro, chocolate, almond, lavender, coffee, and tea are just a few of the flavors that may be utilized to flavor the drink. Some of the variations are slight, sweetened teas, while others are thick and substantial. Unlike many other drinks, this one is a relatively new innovation, having been developed in Taiwan in the 1980s. A Taiwanese tea stall came up with the brilliant concept of incorporating tapioca pearls into their foamy teacups to make unique and delightful beverages. These beverages were given the name bubble tea or boba tea because they contained bubbles at the top (froth) and bottom (pearls). Bubble Tea has become “the drink” in Asia and is gaining appeal across the world.


Heavily inspired by Asia’s street-side cafés, the Tin Drum experience is unlike that of any other Asian food franchise in the United States. With its commitment to authenticity and flavor, our menu offerings have something for every palate!

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