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In ancient Asian culture, there was the “Tin Drummer,” — part announcer and part wake-up caller. Each morning, he walked the streets banging a tin drum, gathering people at lively cafés to fuel their bodies and their minds. 

Today, we at Tin Drum celebrate the legend of the Tin Drummer — the idea that anyone can make a big impact. We all are equal and possess magic potential because the same sun shines equally on everyone. 

Just as we want to make upscale Asian food accessible and affordable for our customers, we want to give as many potential Owners as possible the chance to realize their dream of owning a restaurant.  

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen provides a break from the everyday. It is a place to explore delicious pan-Asian products in a Hong Kong-inspired curbside environment — all the while paying homage to the concept of the Tin Drummer, that an ordinary person can do extraordinary things.



After formally training as an architect at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Steven Chan opens the first Tin Drum location in Atlanta.

2003 – 2009

The popularity of Tin Drum surges in Atlanta, and the unique, pan-Asian food garners a super-loyal following.


Tin Drum Asian Kitchen grows to 6 corporate locations in the Atlanta metro area.


Tin Drum Asian Kitchen grows to 6 corporate locations in the Atlanta metro area.

2012 -2020

Tin Drum grows throughout Georgia as the brand sets its sights on expanding nationally. 


Now with 20 years of experience and several locations that have proven the success of the business model, Tin Drum is positioned to take the growing Asian fast-casual industry by storm.

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In 2003 founder Steven Chan wanted to make quality Asian food accessible and affordable. Since then, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen has provided something most Asian restaurant franchises can’t: equal access to a delicious array of pan-Asian cuisine.

Named after the ancient “tin drummers” in Asian culture and inspired by the Hong Kong curbside environment, our Owners take part in proving that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Among Asian restaurant franchises, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen carves out a place for new tastes steeped in tradition. Learn more about becoming a part of the dream today!