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Our 5-week New Franchise Owner training program includes classroom and on-the-job training. Here, you will learn everything you need to run a Tin Drum franchise!

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Hiring and Staff

In addition to training our Owners, the support team will also help Owners train their staff on everything they need to know (including how to make the dishes on the menu)!

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Business Consultant

All Franchise Owners are assigned a Franchise Business Consultant. This consultant will visit monthly, and provide information for improvement and growth.

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On-demand Video Library

We have a video training library for every position in a Tin Drum crew. The library also includes videos on how to prepare each menu item.

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Field Support

Our corporate support team will be onsite at the new Owner’s location during the grand opening to ensure that the entire staff is primed for a successful launch.

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Marketing Support

Our marketing team will provide local store marketing guidance, social media support, and other assistance to increase sales, traffic, and brand awareness.


Tin Drum Asian Kitchen milk tea franchise Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Steven Chan.

Steven Chan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A 20-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Steven Chan brought the mind-spinning energy of Asian sidewalk eating to Atlanta with Tin Drum Asian Kitchen in 2003. His urban upbringing in Hong Kong inspired the pan-Asian restaurant concept that now has 11 locations throughout the Atlanta area. As the company’s founder and CEO, Chan spearheads the vision for Tin Drum and serves as the chief designer of the brand.

Chan champions the legend of the Tin Drummer, the tale of a young man who became an unsung hero of the community by the simple act of serving people and showing hard work alone can make a difference. In Tin Drum, Chan imagined a place where the everyman is served delicious and comforting food on the go by Tin Drummers. Thus, Tin Drum was born at Georgia Tech Technology Square – a serendipitous location that serves students of Chan’s alma mater along with Atlanta’s Midtown residents. By 2011, the brand began franchising.

Formally trained as an architect at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Chan excels at ideation and design in the hospitality typology, believing it plays an irreplaceable role in human and societal connectivity. His passion is on full display at Tin Drum, where guests instinctively feel the hustle and bustle of a classic Hong Kong-style curbside café. For the future, Chan believes in continuous research in order to keep the brand fresh from the ever-changing retail revolution.

Under Chan’s leadership, Tin Drum’s mission is to team with fellow franchise partners in bringing great, affordable food in an enticing environment to Atlanta and the Southeast.  Chan is also a co-founder of Pancake Social, an all-day brunch concept with its debut location at Atlanta’s famed Ponce City Market.

Chan is a lifelong music and architecture aficionado. He passionately explores buildings while listening to the music of David Sylvian, constantly drawing stimulations to enhance human experience within his projects. At home, Chan spends much of his time reading in his gallery.

Altaf Popatiya is an investor & entrepreneur who uses his expertise to unleash the maximum growth potential of his various businesses.

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen however is more than an investment for Popatiya. He is shareholder and Chief Operating Officer for the company. Popatiya is responsible for company-wide operations and strategic growth, including ensuring financial sustainability and developing expansion and franchise opportunities. He is hyper-focused on Tin Drum’s progress & advancement into becoming a well-known national brand.

His connection to the brand began by walking through the door as a hungry customer, lured inside by the bright, modern restaurant and the smells of the flavorful street foods from his childhood in India. He instantly saw the potential of the concept and decided to become a part of Tin Drum. 

Popatiya’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. He grew up watching his father manage successful businesses and learning the fundamentals of investing from his grandfather. At 17, he followed his brother to America, and the values passed down from their elders— integrity, hard work, and curiosity— guided their investments in a diverse array of businesses. Those experiences combined with his degree in business and commerce, helped Popatiya develop his practical yet ambitious approach to business development, which has been central to his success with Tin Drum. 

Popatiya and his wife Amisha invest in other sectors including real estate, entertainment, and personal care through their firm, ASN Milan Investments. The relationships built through those opportunities help inform his work as a Tin Drum executive, shareholder, and franchise owner. He and Amisha live in Fayetteville, Georgia, and together, they regularly travel to India to visit family and find inspiration for the future of Tin Drum.

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen milk tea franchise Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Altaf Popatiya.

Altaf Popatiya

Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Tin Drum Asian Kitchen milk tea franchise Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, Amisha Popatiya.

Amisha Popatiya

Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Amisha Popatiya serves as Co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen. She leads brand marketing and digital strategy, conducts market research, launches new products and initiatives, and oversees all aspects of brand management. Guided by her customer-centric philosophy, Tin Drum has achieved consistent growth year after year.

Popatiya is drawn to energy, and that’s how she became involved with Tin Drum. When she first visited the flagship location at Georgia Tech, the busy efficiency of the restaurant and the incredible food inspired her to become an investor. She has been lending her expertise to the brand since 2016, first as a franchise owner and today as a shareholder and executive. She understands the brand from every angle and is constantly talking with customers, partners and investors to support the growth of Tin Drum.

Energy is a theme of Popatiya’s career— she has never been afraid to work 24/7 to achieve her goals. Her work ethic stems from growing up with parents who overcame language barriers and cultural differences to succeed after emigrating to the United States from India when she was a toddler. At the age of 17, she co-founded a chain of salons in rural north Georgia with her sister. She remains a partner in that business, Unique Threading & Body Wax, and also serves as co-owner of ASN Milan Investments, the company she and her husband Altaf created to manage their diverse financial portfolio. 

Popatiya studied strategic marketing at Cornell University and holds an undergraduate nursing degree from Shorter University. She is committed to supporting other business owners, and in particular, women, which is why she is active in the national Women’s Foodservice Forum and Georgia Restaurant Association. 

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