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How much does it cost to open a Tin Drum franchise?

A typical Tin Drum franchise investment costs between $394,300 – $608,250

Can I get a loan to buy a franchise?

Yes. Several companies specialize in funding franchises. Contact us and we will send you additional details on how to finance your dreams.

Can I run a successful franchise if I have no restaurant experience?

Our model is simple, and our training is comprehensive. Restaurant experience will obviously help, but we can help people of all types of business backgrounds succeed as an Owner.

Why should I open a franchise and not a standalone restaurant?

Building a restaurant from the ground-up can cost millions of dollars, requires sophisticated, expensive equipment, operation and marketing knowledge, and you’re on your own during hard times. Our franchise model provides expert support from people with years of experience; our time-tested model and relationships with suppliers make owning a restaurant affordable and practical.

How do I get started? Is there a commitment?

Fill out our no-obligation, no-cost confidential questionnaire to get started on the Approval Process!

How long has Tin Drum been operating?

Tin Drum was established in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia.

What inspired Tin Drum?

The need for fresh-to-order pan-Asian fast-casual food, as well as the energy and atmosphere of the streets of Asia inspired Tin Drum. 

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee for 1 location is $20,000; for 2 locations it is $35,000 and for 3 locations it is $47,500.

Do you give a discount to veterans?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee.

What are the royalties?

Royalties are 6%.

What is the average revenue of Tin Drum locations?

The median net revenue of Tin Drum locations is $1,165,000.

What is the average spend per customer?

The average spend per person is $16.00

Where does the name Tin Drum come from?

In ancient Asian culture, there was the “Tin Drummer,” — part announcer and part wake-up caller. Each morning, he walked the streets banging a tin drum, gathering people at lively cafés to fuel their bodies and their minds.

What types of food does Tin Drum offer?

Tin Drum serves fresh-to-order, customizable, unique and bold flavors from all across the Asian content. Customers can enjoy everything from tikka masala, to stir fry, wok-tossed noodles, and boba tea.

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