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High Flavor, High Revenue

Our model is built for the modern world. In 2022 the median systemwide sales was over $1,165,000!

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More affordable investment

Streamlined construction, a simple layout, and minimal equipment requirements help keep the initial investment affordable, starting at under $400,000. The typical restaurant concept can start anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000

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Fast-growing industry segment

The Asian food market has experienced consistent growth over the past number of years, increasing by 500% since 1999! Daring, exotic flavor profiles continue to gain popularity as diners seek out something less ordinary. 

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Simple operations model

 Tin Drum serves unique, delicious fresh-to-order food, but the process has been streamlined to provide quick service while utilizing less equipment (the only equipment we really use is large woks to mix and cook ingredients)!

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Almost no direct competition

There’s no other franchise in the U.S. right now that offers upscale affordable pan-Asian food and boba teas in the surging fast-casual market — and no one comes close on price and flavor!

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People are ready to get together again, have great food, and have a good time. You can be the one to bring that feeling back to your community, and make good money doing it.

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Perfect for building a restaurant empire

Tin Drum currently has availability in high-demand markets! This is a perfect opportunity for multi-unit-minded candidates who are looking to scale and build an empire in their city!

*Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document- Item 19 Table 3A


Fresh, Customizable, Delicious Food

Our entire menu is prepared fresh-to-order. Customers can customize their meals and choose their spice level!

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Inspired, Exciting Dining Environment

With a restaurant design influenced by the Founder’s childhood in Hong Kong, all locations are curbside-café cool, bold, and vibrant! 

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A Unique Blend of Asia’s Finest Flavors

Our less-ordinary menu takes inspiration from all parts of Asia, including unique offerings like boba tea!

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Authentic, Traditional Cuisine

Founder Steven Chan is dedicated to bringing customers the most adventurous, and true-to-style pan-Asian cuisine.

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Fine Dining Experience at an Affordable Price

We believe that everyone should have access to Asia’s most delicious food at a price they can afford!

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Hear from the customers themselves!

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Why Should You Open A Bubble Tea Franchise?

Grab your spot in a fast-growing industry with a bubble tea franchise!
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Exotic flavors and foods continue to gain popularity, and nowhere is that better encapsulated than in a bubble tea franchise. Bubble tea, or boba, is a tea-based drink that originates from Taiwan. While the original form of tea and tapioca balls is still popular, the drink has evolved to have many different flavors and bases, including smoothies and popping boba!

Opening a bubble tea franchise offers a great opportunity for a low investment and high return model. Plus, it gets you into the fast-growing Asian food market and provides a simple operations model that is easy to scale. With Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, having a bubble tea franchise is fun, simple and profitable!