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Are you seeking an opportunity to become a Franchise Owner for a vibrant, exciting Asian restaurant franchise unlike any other? A Tin Drum franchise is the perfect opportunity for you! We’ve designed a simple operations business model to help you build a restaurant empire. What’s even more enticing is the high revenues and profits you’ll gain. Our Franchise Owners see an average profit of $198,956!* We invite you to look closely at our new Tin Drum Asian Kitchen restaurant franchise website.

Why Franchise?

By choosing to invest in a Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, you’d be joining a booming market of new Franchise Owners around the world. In fact, the International Franchise Association (IFA), and FRANdata, the leading franchise research firm, released its IFA 2021 Economic Outlook for Franchising in which it predicts a 3.3% growth in the retail food franchise market. Forbes magazine agrees: it says that franchising in 2021 as a career and investment move is healthier than ever. The fast-casual industry was a $125.6 billion industry in 2020 and is expected to reach $209.1 billion by 2027.* 

Meet the Tin Drum Team

The sooner you discover our exciting franchise website the sooner you’ll be on your way to potential high revenues and high profits! Our firm is led by Steven Chan, the company’s Founder and CEO. He spearheads the vision for Tin Drum and serves as the chief designer of the brand. Altaf Popatiya, our COO, oversees the operational functions of our Asian food franchise while working tirelessly to make our model as seamless and simple as possible. One of the most exciting young women in the franchising industry today, Amisha Popatiya, is a co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen. She’ll work with you to employ state-of-the-art marketing strategies to help promote your Tin Drum franchise.

And that’s not all: take a look at the Tin Drum franchise development team that is committed to taking you across the finish line and helping you achieve your dream of entrepreneurship!


An Affordable Opportunity in the BOOMING Fast-Casual Space!

On our website, you’ll learn that a Tin Drum franchise is an affordable investment. Starting at just $400K*, our Asian restaurant franchise is a fraction of the cost of other fast-casual concepts.

The franchise fee for one location is $49,000; for two locations it is $79,000 and for three locations it is $99,000.

In addition to the simple operations and minimal need for staff, Tin Drum is an outstanding investment because it offers ease, convenience, and affordability for delicious food unlike any other fast-casual experience in town. Your customers will return again and again! That’s because your franchise offers the ease of ordering, paying, pick-up, and delivery that you provide. All of our restaurant franchises are equipped with an Enterprise cloud-based POS system that can be accessed from any device. We also offer a Rewards Loyalty Program for remaining consistent customers.

The kitchen will be the heart of your franchise! Your quick on-demand fresh-to-order Asian cuisine will be delivered to your customers with lightning speed. Customers from every walk of life will enjoy your upscale pan-Asian food at an affordable price. They’ll delight in returning to order more true, authentic international flavors from all over Asia. We make it easy for your customers to eat in our energetic Hong Kong-inspired store designs, pick up their orders curbside, or have delivered hot and fresh.

Serve ‘Asia’s Greatest Hits’…in YOUR Hometown!

Becoming a skilled leader of a Tin Drum Asian restaurant franchise is easy. That’s because we offer a simple operations model. Typically our stores operate with two to four Tin Drummers along with a Unit Leader. As a Franchise Owner, you’ll be offering an adventurous menu with innovative dishes from all around Asia. Recently, we introduced a Boba Tea bar, an extremely popular bubble tea-based drink that originates from Taiwan. It’s a business within a business! The many different flavors and bases, including smoothies and popping boba, have drawn an influx of young people to our franchise locations, and we anticipate that they will perform strongly in virtually every market they enter.

Once you open your new Tin Drum franchise, you’ll be pleased that you have no direct competition. That’s right! You’ll be the only restaurant in your neighborhood to offer delicious, upscale fast-casual pan-Asian food at a price everyone can afford. While there are other Asian food franchises, none of them offer the authenticity and variety that Tin Drum does- all in an inviting, trendy atmosphere inspired by the bustling street cafés of Hong Kong.

All of our Franchise Owners point to one distinctive reason to own a Tin Drum: have fun!

There’s nothing worse than not enjoying your job. Here at Tin Drum, our Franchise Owners enjoy what they’re doing. You’ll be hiring a team of like-minded individuals who are excited to come to work each day and growing a base of customers that you’ll welcome into your new Asian restaurant franchise.

Need more info?

Take a look at our Tin Drum Asian restaurant franchise website and watch the exciting video about how easy we make your franchise journey. You’ll meet James Tipton, our Senior Franchise Operations Leader, who will take you on a tour of one of our kitchens. Here you’ll see how our franchises are designed to look like an Asian market with unique food items for customers to purchase. Not only do customers enter to eat upscale pan-Asian food at an affordable price, but they also have the opportunity to purchase these specialty items, which increases your bottom line.


Are YOU Our Ideal Franchise Owner?

If you have a strong business background, a passion for serving bold, high-quality food, a strong work ethic, and the desire to grow your business, we want to speak to you! We look for Tin Drum Franchise Owners who enjoy what they’re doing and have fun. We like them to be dedicated to the business and work hard. You’ll reap the rewards of franchise ownership.

More questions? Ask away!

Our Tin Drum Franchise Owners always ask lots of questions, and we welcome them! Our FAQ area on the website will answer everything you to know. 

Can I get a loan to fund my Tin Drum franchise? Yes, several companies specialize in funding franchises.

How do I get started? Just fill out our no-obligation, no-cost confidential questionnaire to pre-qualify for our Franchise Discovery Process!

How long has Tin Drum been operating and what inspired the name? Our roots began in 2003 in Atlanta, GA. We chose the name for its symbolism in ancient Asian culture. According to legend, the “Tin Drummer” took to the streets beating his tin drum to wake people up and draw them to cafés where they could eat and gather. That’s what your restaurant will do in your neighborhood!

Does Tin Drum give discounts to veterans? Yes, veterans are rewarded with a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee. 

Are there any royalties? Yes, we charge 6.5% monthly.

Want to learn more? 

Take a look at our Tin Drum website to find out more about our Asian restaurant franchise, including a breakdown of the initial investment. You’ll find everything from the initial franchise fee to rent, signage, uniforms, insurance, and the marketing program for your grand opening. We’ve detailed every penny for you to examine and have even more information for you once you submit your Questionnaire to pre-qualify.

If you’re ready to get started in the Franchise Discovery Process, let’s begin. Our five-week New Franchise Owner training program includes classroom and on-the-job training. You’ll learn everything you need to run a Tin Drum franchise! 

Please visit our franchise website for more info.

*As stated in our 2021 FDD.



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